Divorced, Tired, and Bitter? It’s Never too Late!

Divorced, Tired, and Bitter? It’s Never too Late!

“I just need a break.”

“Right now, I’m dating ME.”

“I can’t deal with all of the games and drama out there.”

“I’ve just had my heart broken too many times. I’m done!”

We’ve talked to A LOT of people and there are quite a few who say these things, as if love has come and gone…never to be found again.

We–Lauren and William–are here to say that love can always be found again. You simply have to be open, willing, positive, and patient.

In our book, How to Get Real About Dating: A Father and Daughter’s Guide to Finding Love at Any Age, there is a chapter called, “Out of the Cave”.

What can a CAVE be?

1) Work

2) Home


4) Fear

5) All of the above and then some!

It’s easy to live your life and say, “Hey, I’m not in a Cave. I work and have kids. I go out sometimes. I definitely have a life!” So, then the question becomes–How does one know whether or not they are in a Cave?

Well, you could take the survey in our book. Or, you could get real with yourself and look at how you spend your time. If you’re divorced, tired, and/or bitter it is easy to form a Cave. So, be extra careful. Here are a few scenarios for the divorced crowd. Compare these to your life.

1) You work 70 hours a week and it’s becoming increasingly stressful after your recent divorce. But, you still only sleep, at best, 6 hours a night and still manage to cook dinner for your two children. If you even have a few minutes to spare, it’s in front of the television watching a talk show.

2) It has been a year since your divorce was final yet you spend most of your weekends with your family, which is a three hour drive each way. And during the weekdays after work, you watch TV shows on your IPad or invite your neighbor over to play Uno.

3) You love to hang out with your friends, such as going to nice restaurants or a local pub. But, every time someone hits on you something happens deep down inside and you blow it by focusing on your friends.

These are three scenarios that are all too familiar to many peeps out there. At first glance, life seems okay because that’s what is normal. We create our normal. And, to see change on the dating scene you must create a new normal.

William: I was definitely upset, damaged, and hurt after my second divorce. Sure, I had two wonderful children from my second marriage that I was thankful for but I felt like a failure for the marriage not working out. What did I do after it was final and I was a single man? I hid. I was scared and felt like I had nothing to offer. But, I realized that by punishing myself I was only creating more pain.

There comes a point, after a divorce, that you have to put the hurt and guilt behind you to move on to a brighter future. Sure, things didn’t work out but tomorrow is a new day. If I had given up I would never have found the love of my life, Jennifer. Sure, it took three tries but we have been together for over twenty years now. Sometimes it takes a while to find your ultimate love match. That’s why I say keep dating and, most of all, keep hope alive.

It’s all about creating a realistic ACTION PLAN that suits your needs and comfort level. If you want to find love and have an active dating life, first start by creating a VISIBILITY MENU. This is a list of activities that you like that allow you to be around other people, such as hiking in a park. Or, attending a seminar about something that interests you. And once you have it, start by doing one of those things every other week.

Soon you’ll be meeting a ton of eligible dating candidates and saying to your friends, “It’s never too late to find love.”

Lauren — Why I Decided to Write a Book with My Dad.

Lauren — Why I Decided to Write a Book with My Dad.

When people see me and my dad together, they think we’ve been close my entire life: we laugh all the time, make corny jokes that only we think are funny, have thoughtful discussions, and build each other up when the other is down. That’s why it is so surprising to peeps when I tell them I used to think my father was a mean guy.

Let’s go back in time to 1991.

I was six years old and my parents were in the process of getting a divorce.  As a young girl, I didn’t know what was going on because it was foreign to me. I just knew that mom and dad yelled often and it scared me. It was so bad that going to school became a huge relief. When I started first grade, the divorce was finalized and custody was decided: my father got my brother and I got my mother.

As I adjusted to life with my mom, the image of my wonderful father slowly got beaten down until there was nothing left. Instead of being read stories like, Beauty and the Beast or The Cat and the Hat I heard, Why Your Father Sucks every night. Over time, I began to believe the horrible things my mother would make up. After all, she was all I knew as well as my caregiver . . . minus the care and the give.

My walls were thick. In my eyes, my dad left me high and dry to fend for myself with a person who didn’t have my best interest. For months, I didn’t let him in — actually, I kept throwing him out. And I meant it every time. Did I know that he was paying child support and alimony? No. Did I know that he tried to get custody of me? No. Did I know how much he cared? No. But at the age of eight, I started to see a glimmer of his love.

It was 1994 and a big earthquake hit Los Angeles. I remember things shaking and falling in my bedroom. I was very scared and thought about my classmates. Would I see them again? My mind even landed on Matt who made fun of the way my hair looked. But my mom didn’t panic. She remained calm and told me to not move. So, I waited until the shaking was over to see the damage around our house: broken plates and dishes, glass everywhere, furniture on the ground, and my fear in between the broken pavement outside our backyard. I felt helpless in our dark house, which had no electricity due to the earthquake. Then, I saw light outside a window. When I looked through the blinds I saw that it was my brother and dad. They came, with flashlights in hand, to see if we were okay. I felt safe and hadn’t felt that way in years as an eight year old girl.

As time went by, my father and I still struggled to connect. Though I knew he cared, my teenage hormones and resentment took over. It’s no wonder I was so good at softball; I was practically a professional at throwing out my dad. By the age of fourteen, my grades were bad, I was in an abusive living environment, my weight was . . . up there, and I was fighting with my mom on a frequent basis. Truthfully, I didn’t know that my living environment was so bad until my dad and stepmother pointed it out one night. “You should have heat on in the house.” “You shouldn’t be yelled at for no reason.” Their words upset me at first. I felt like they were attacking my mother, and I felt ashamed. But after months of having these discussions, I began to agree. So, when I was sixteen years old, I moved in with my dad and stepmother. I remember standing in their foyer and feeling relieved to be out of my mother’s house. And relieved to not feel scared anymore.

There was a lot of rebuilding to do. I didn’t know my dad, myself, or how to communicate in a healthy and loving way. You know that character in a movie that yells and then runs out the room? Yeah, that was me. So, naturally we had to call a shrink to help us speak to each other past the hurt and the fear. I would sit there in front of the therapist and think, “This lady wants me to talk about my feelings? What a weirdo.” For a while I hated talking. But over time, I opened up and spoke. We all did.

My dad has always been there for me. He gave me my first set of golf clubs. He was there when I finished last place at a golf tournament and told me, “It’s all good.” He was there when I performed for the first time with my jazz class. He was there when I came out of the closet. He was there when I joined Jenny Craig and lost the weight, then gained it all back. He was there when I got into NYU and moved to New York. He was there when I got my heart broken for the first time. He was there when I was bitchy and didn’t feel like talking. He was always there.

And he continues to be to this day.

Undoubtedly, a divorce hurts every person involved, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in that pain forever. My father and I had two choices: give up on each other, or work on our relationship. We chose US. I used to think that I was the only one who survived the horrible divorce, but the fact is we both did. It hurt him just like it hurt me.

So, when I came up with the idea for us to write a book together about dating, I knew we had to do it. What a cool way to learn more about my dad and grow closer to him. At the age of twenty three, it felt right. I wanted to learn more about his life as well as share part of mine. Though I never told him, I’ll never forget the eight months we shared writing the book together. It was fun, pure, and non judgmental. I am grateful for the fact that we never gave up on each other.

My father often thanks me for writing How to Get Real About Dating with him. I want to say — Dad, it was my honor to be a part of this project with you. Here’s to many, many more.

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.” -Anthony Brandt

Cell Phones — Old School vs. New School.

Cell Phones — Old School vs. New School.

Let’s be real, you need to have a cell phone in order to communicate with peeps. These days, it is not uncommon to see 70 or 80-year-olds rockin’ a cellie. Sure, there may only be two or three numbers in the phone, but they’re making an effort. That’s what matters the most.

In terms of dating, we feel that it is an absolute MUST to have a cell phone. What happens when your new Boo wants to see you at the last minute and you can’t be reached? Or, maybe you want to say something sweet to him or her but have no way of doing that since you can’t text? Yeah, that’s not cool. And we want you to be cool.

Lauren (New School): You not only need to have a cell phone if you’re actively dating. You need a cute, modern, and fully functioning one. When cellies first came out they looked whack. For example –

Cell phone from the Golden Ages.

Yeah, it sort of makes you want to vomit, I know. But this is what peeps used not that long ago. So, what you need to do is keep it sexy –

Cool cell phone !

This is the level I’m talking about. The cell phone looks great, has many features, and keeps you current. Technology, just like your dating game, is always evolving. So, it’s important that you own relatively new products from the market. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the Golden Ages without realizing it.

William (Old School): I was stuck in the Golden Ages for a long time. You have to keep in mind that, back in the day, I didn’t have the same luxury Lauren does. There weren’t any cell phones at the time! And when they did come out, I wasn’t impressed. So, I relied more on my skills as an old school Ladies’ Man: approaching a lady, surprising her at work, leaving a sweet note by her bedside, etc. Back then, it wasn’t as hard to reach someone. Yet, nowadays, it seems impossible — even when that person has a cell phone!

But you have to stay with the times. I agree with Lauren on that. The fact is, you need a cell phone if you want to see major success on the dating scene. Your honey needs to be able to call you and say, “I miss you.” These spontaneous and sweet moments are critical to a relationship, no matter the level. The small things matter the most. If she can’t get ahold of you, or if you take FOREVER to respond to a text/phone call just keep in mind that she’s letting her girls know: “Oh, he can’t even return my calls or texts. Screw him.” Fellas (ladies), that’s not good.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to buckle down and get a cell phone, get over it and buy one. Start with something small and cheap that has basic texting at least. There’s no excuse to be in the Golden Ages, like I used to be. Now I rock an iphone and know how to use that thing better than any 25-year-old (no offense, Lauren!).

Point is, peeps, WE want to see you succeed and find the right person for you. But, if you’re impossible to reach, guess what: You’ll be alone for a long time.  These days, people expect to be able to touch base with you all of the time. We don’t want you to lose someone amazing because they got tired of trying to get you to buy a phone, or one that works well.

Need help? Start with these websites:

http://www.apple.com/iphone/ - Apple phone are cool. Who doesn’t want an iphone?

http://www.t-mobile.com/ - T-Mobile has some great options out there for cell phone users of all levels.

Start there and see what you like. After you find out more, ask friends and family about their phone. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Dating Tip #3—Don’t Get Drunk, Please.

Dating Tip #3—Don’t Get Drunk, Please.
There’s nothing worse than seeing a cute lady or fella drunk out of their mind.

This is NOT cute.

Look, we aren’t hatin’ because we’ve been there and done that. On the realz. And we also went through the embarrassment and walk of shame as we woke up the next day, not knowing what the heck really went down the night before.

Drunk + Out in Public + Single = SO NOT CUTE

Lauren: I had a date with an older woman a few months ago. Cute smile, great body, solid paying job (it matters). She took me to a nice restaurant where we had several drinks. After dinner, we headed to a nearby bar. On a scale of 1-10 I was about a 5 in terms of tipsiness.

She was a 9. But I didn’t know until later.

So, at the bar, she ordered another drink. Vodka on the rocks. I didn’t really think anything of it. “Maybe she has a high tolerance” went through my mind. After about 45 minutes, she already had several drinks and it was approaching 1:00am. Yeah, I was tired. “Let’s jet,” I said. But she was no where to be found. Luckily, though, I recognized the sound of her voice as she moaned over a toilet in the restroom.

William: I’ve always been smart about not going overboard on the amount of drinks I had in the company of an attractive woman. Women can’t stand it when a man is drunk and tries to talk to her. And don’t think you can hide it. No, no, and no. The ladies know immediately when you’re intoxicated. I have seen many strangers and buddies of mine get the cold shoulder. And I couldn’t blame ‘em.

Being tipsy or drunk looks messy. If I went on a date and was having a great time, I made sure to balance each drink by having a glass of water. Or, making sure that I ate a decent sized meal to soak up some of the alcohol. There was always a way to keep my composure while having fun.

“But, it’s hard not to drink!”

We feel you on this. It’s 11:00pm and you and your Boo are having a spectacular time. You’re both 4 drinks in and slightly tipsy. Plus, the bartender keeps coming by and asking if you want another round. What do you do?

Say, “Maybe later” and focus on the conversation. Remember you’re dating. So, the focus should be on getting to know each other.

It’s okay to say NO to a drink.

Sure, drinking makes us feel better and less nervous. But we challenge you to stay within 1-3 drinks for the evening when going on a date with someone new. Every time you want another drink after reaching the limit, simply pause and think of another question you can ask her/him or what else you can share that’s interesting about yourself.

You + Date + Coherent = SO CUTE

Dating Tip #2 — Skip the Ex, Go to the Next.

Dating Tip #2 — Skip the Ex, Go to the Next.

“Use these tips and get your ex-girlfriend back!”

“Read this book and figure out why he left.”

“Change your look to get her back!”

“How to make him come crawling back . . . forever!”

Why is it that many books, people, and coaching programs encourage you to spend so much energy and time on getting an ex-lover back into your life? Do they want you to change who you are, or pretend to be someone you’re not in order to waste even more time on a relationship that will probably end up like the first one? This doesn’t make sense to us because the person you are right now is already dope.

Trying to get an ex-lover back = WHACK

Changing who you are = WHACK

Trying to get an ex-lover back + changing who you are = WHACK

Going back to an ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend rarely turns out well. Plus, it begs the question: Why do you want to try things again when it already didn’t work out? And if you feel like you need to change who you are in order to get their attention, why do you want to be with an individual who doesn’t show you the time of day?

These are tough questions. Some of you have been through this kind of experience while others may be dealing with this scenario as we speak. Either way, it’s important to be real about where things will probably end up if you go back to your past relationship — nowhere.

Allow us to break it down.

Lauren: I went back with an ex-lover once. We dated for less than a year the first time around, which wasn’t the smoothest: we were both jobless, out of shape, and broke (like many other younger peeps). So, the foundation we created was shaky. After we broke up the first time, we tried again several months later.

It didn’t take long for things to crumble. Sure, at first we were on our best behavior and thought things would work out since we were familiar with each other. It was just the opposite. We were fighting all of the time and both felt angry about things that we did in the past relationship. It lasted only a few short months.

The ironic thing is, in the end, we were both left wondering – do I even know you?

That’s why I don’t believe it’s a good idea to get back into a relationship with an ex-partner. HOWEVER, if you want to hook up when you both are single or whatever, that’s your call. We all get lonely.

William: We all deserve a second chance. Lauren is younger than myself and hasn’t had the opportunity to see that over time a person can grow and learn the tools necessary to have a healthy relationship (plus men take longer to mature than women). There have been a few times during my single days that I gave women a second chance, or vice versa. Most of them didn’t work out, except for one. And we’re still married to this day.

Time + gained maturity + not changing who you are = why not?

Does this mean I encourage you to get back with an ex-partner? No, no, and no. You have to move on and date other people. You broke up for a reason, remember that!  However, if you both mature over time and naturally come back together while being your authentic selves, then why not?

We always say, follow your intuition. If it’s saying to go for it again, listen. Who wants to have regrets? But, don’t be surprised if it ends up not working out.

Just keepin’ in real.

Dating Advice from the Old and New Schools — Be Sexy at the Gym!

Dating Advice from the Old and New Schools — Be Sexy at the Gym!

We believe the gym is one of the most underestimated game players around town. If you make an effort, you can attract numbers left and right. Both of us are active and go to the gym on a regular basis. Through our research and observations, this is the advice we’d like to share to improve your dating game at the gym.

The Gym – Dating Tips for Any Age

  • Your sweat must smell good. Otherwise, shower before each work out. This may seem weird at first, but eventually it’ll become a habit. It’s not sexy to smell like old socks and dirty underwear. Lauren: At the gym I go to, the men are not playing around. They come clean and they come smelling good. I occasionally see women doing the same thing, but men are definitely in the majority on this. When someone smells good, I always look up to see what the person looks like. Showering and smelling fresh is a good way to attract attention and also lets everyone know that your hygiene is on point.
  • Pick up a comb. Gone are the days when you wake up, throw on some clothes, and run out the door to the gym. No, no, and no. It’s so NOT sexy to look like a tornado attacked your hair. Take a few extra minutes to put some product in your hair. William: When I hit up the gym, I throw a little product in my hair. Sure, I’m not looking for a lady as a married man, but I don’t want to look like a cave man. And that’s what you look like when you don’t do your hair — someone who hides out and isn’t in touch with the world. Do your hair.
  • Keep your clothes tight and your feet right. If we see another pair of sandals or clogs on a treadmill we’re going to go bananas. You aren’t gardening, peeps! You are working out, which means you need proper work out shoes. There are many options out there. Also, leave your baggy T-shirts and jeans at home. For the ladies, go buy some cute gym shorts or tight pants. For the fellas, purchase a sleeveless form fitting T-shirt and basketball shorts. If you’re thinking, “I’m too broke to afford that” guess again. You can find great deals at outlet stores or online as well. And remember, no baggy clothes.
  • Leave Lady Gaga on the treadmill. When you’re lifting weights, take your headphones OFF. It makes sense that you want to rock out Lady Gaga while you’re doing cardio exercise, but give her a break as you lift weights. This is the time when you’re making eye contact with those you’ve been eyeing, meet new people, or get approached. If you have an obstacle in the way such as headphones, that decreases your chances of getting approached by someone. Gaga can wait.
  • Put a smile on it. Look like you’re available and approachable. If you see someone you know, wave or smile. If you see someone confused about how to use a machine, help ‘em out. People, hopefully cute ones, will see this and want to talk to you as a result.
  • Leave mom and dad at home. We may work out often but we don’t go to the same gym. William: I feel like going to the gym with Lauren, my daughter, blocks her game. Who doesn’t get intimidated when a parent is around? Also, she feels obligated to stay by my side and I always feel a step behind as she does her work out. We’re better off spending quality time at another spot, not the gym!
  • Ask someone cute how to use the equipment. This never fails.
  • Pick the right gym. Lauren: My brother joined a gym recently without doing research and it turned out to be full of men on steroids. So, he started doing research and joined a gym known to have many women. Let’s just say, he’s happy now.
  • Don’t wear makeup. All it ends up doing is looking bad and messing up your towel. If it doesn’t then you aren’t working hard enough. And, there’s nothing worse than someone who goes to the gym and doesn’t work out.

Top 5 Caves–Dating Advice from the Old and New Schools

Top 5 Caves–Dating Advice from the Old and New Schools

In our book – How to Get Real About Dating: A Father and Daughter’s Guide to Finding Love at Any Age — we often talk about how important it is to identify whether or not you have a cave. What is a cave? It’s a retreat into something safe, a refuge. After talking to many people and doing our own research, one thing is clear: Many peeps are in denial about having a cave.

“But, isn’t having a safe place a good thing?” This may be a question that popped into your head.

The answer is–of course it is a good thing. However, spending most, or all, of your free time in that safe place isn’t great. It’s all about balance. The first thing to ask yourself, especially if you’re single and looking, is: Where do I spend most of my free time? Keep your answer in your head while we go over our list of Top 5 Most Popular Caves.


  1. HOME. You may be a 25-year-old guy obsessed with playing video games in your living room outside of your 9-5 gig. Cave Man. Or, maybe you’re a 35-year-old magazine editor who always takes home an additional 3-5 hours of work per night with her. Cave Woman. Perhaps you’re 60 and can’t seem to find time to leave your crib because of the amazing books you’re reading on your Kindle. Cave Person.
  2. WORK. We understand that you have to do what you have to do sometimes to make that paycheck. However, if you are CONSISTENTLY working 5-7 days and 75+ hours a week, you definitely have some cave issues. William: When I was working in the corporate field in San Francisco some of my co-workers were big time Cave People. All they would do is work and then go home and work some more before crashing all to do it again in the morning. Not good. No matter how hard I would try to get them to go out to a nice happy hour with me and the fellas, it wouldn’t happen. Sure, they were successful professionally but were they happy?
  3. FOOD. Food becomes a cave when you find yourself always going to it on a frequent bases, alone or in public. Exmples: Hitting up Burger King a few times a day, eating junk food every night as you watch Anderson Cooper, finding yourself obsessively thinking of food, or extreme over eating. Lauren: I can identify with this. As an obese 18-year-old freshmen in college, most of my time (outside of class) was spent in my room where I would often eat junk food. I didn’t know it, but I was living in a few caves: food and my home.
  4. FEAR. This are many of you rockin’ this cave. Maybe you just got out of a divorce or simply feel like you’ll never find The One. Whatever the reason for your fear, it is preventing you from dating. William: After a few divorces under my belt, I definitely had moments of fear as a divorced father of three children. I came with a lot of baggage and felt unsure about my relationship skills. For a period of time, my fear kept me from opening up and putting myself out there again. I got over the hump eventually, but it was tough.
  5. FAMILY. There’s a group of you who love spending WAY too much of your free time with family members. Every weekend you have free, it’s spent driving home to be with them. Perhaps you even live with your mom, dad, or sibling. With family, it’s very easy to do this because of the comfort level that you share. Hanging out a few times a week or more is borderline cave behavior. Lauren: I used to work with a girl who would, right after her shift was over, take an hour and a half bus ride to stay at her mother and father’s place each day. This choice wasn’t due to money. It was because she was very dependent on her family and didn’t know how to create  healthy boundaries as an adult.

Now go back to your answer from our above question. If you’re spending most of your free time at home, work, with food or family, or in fear guess what? You may have a cave. This means you have to figure out a unique way for you to get your dating game back on point. In our book, we help you do just that.

First call to action (if you have a cave): Reduce cave time and replace it with new activities/hanging out with friends.

Breakfast is the New Dinner–Dating Advice from the Old and New Schools.

Breakfast is the New Dinner–Dating Advice from the Old and New Schools.

Dating is all about having fun, getting to know people, and being creative. There is no right or wrong. In fact, those who think out of the box often reach success.

And for those on a budget –young and older—we know it can be difficult to date since you have to spend money. But don’t worry, there are MANY options out there for you such as taking your date out to a nice breakfast.

Some of you may be thinking, “No way, I never get up that early!”

Who says breakfast has to be at 9am?

Another group of you may be thinking, “That will just say I’m cheap. No way.”

Did Obama declare that breakfast is only for broke peeps?

And the rest of you perhaps have this thought running across your mind: “Breakfast isn’t cute.”

Sexy is served all day, 24/7.


  • You won’t spend more than $30 for two peeps. Even after a few mimosas you shouldn’t have to drop more than $50.
  • More alert.
  • Still have the entire day to burn off those calories!
  • You’ll probably wear fewer clothes, which is always a good thing. You have to check out the goods.
  • Sex isn’t expected.
  • Better lighting.
  • Perfect for doing on a day you don’t work. The date can be a few hours and you’ll still have time to run errands.
  • More about getting to know each other and quality time.


  • Save your paycheck because you’ll need the money. Expect to spend a minimum of $150 with drinks, appetizers, main courses, and dessert.
  • There’s a high chance that you’ll drink too much and move too fast, or regret doing something you wouldn’t have done if you were sober.
  • Worse lighting.
  • Fattening. Not only are you going to eat a lot of calories but also sleep on them as well. Over time, this will add up. Trust us!
  • Focus is more on having fun and superficial things.
  • You’ll probably be tired the next day at work.  
  • Not as alert.

Lauren: I recently went on a date and spent over $140. Allow me to break it down.

First round of drinks (sangria and not-even-good whiskey on the rocks): $21

Appetizers (hummus plate, mac ‘n cheese): $22

Entrées (roasted chicken and salmon): $50

Dessert (chocolate cake): $11

2nd round of drinks:  $21

3rd round of drinks: $21

A week ago, I went on a breakfast date and the bill was UNDER $40.

Coffee for two: $5

2 egg breakfast: $11

Pancakes: $12

Mimosa: $9

Lauren: That’s a savings of over $100. Plus, I had a much BETTER time on my breakfast date (which was with the same person as the dinner date). Breakfast has a charm. It’s also more about conversations and connecting with each other. Dinner allows you to get away with NOT doing that.

William: Back in the day, there was no way I would have taken a lady to breakfast. Well, not unless it was AFTER dinner the night before (just being real). But times have changed and people can really benefit from switching up the game. Lauren’s dates always have more substance and life when they’re during the day and don’t end with overindulging in alcoholic drinks.

We’re starting to sound a little less crazy, right? Remember, going to breakfast is an IDEA for a date. It doesn’t mean you should never go out to dinner with your Boo. Just be open to some eggs is all we’re trying to say.


  • Check out the newspaper for popular restaurants. Sometimes they have special discounts running that week or feature a fantastic new place to go eat.
  • Consider cooking breakfast at your place as a date as well. This will save you even more money than going out.
  • If you don’t like breakfast, relax. Many restaurants that serve breakfast may offer other items such as hamburgers, salads, or sandwiches.
  • Try to find a spot with a nice view and quiet environment. Breakfast should be chill.
  • Have an idea of an activity you guys can do after the date. If things are going well you’ll want to have a plan (movies, hike, your place, etc.).
  • Don’t bring anything to read such as a newspaper, magazine, or homework.